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TenderCare Testimonials

Appreciation for my parents' care

As a nurse practitioner living across the country, I was concerned about finding quality home health care providers for my parents.  My RN sister & I conducted a meticulous evaluation of various agencies and were happy to find TenderCare.  We were looking for a small team to provide live-in care & not all agencies offer this service.  By having the same provider for 24+ hours at a time, they were able to discern subtle changes in my parents' health status that were invaluable in preventing worsening outcomes.  Most importantly, the TenderCare staff demonstrated outstanding patience, kindness & true caring, always keeping my parents' best interests at heart.  I remain grateful for their service.

EC, Seattle, WA,


I finally found a moment to express my gratitude for the quality of assisted living I recently received from TenderCare.  In late August, I made it home after 8 days in the hospital (3 of them in I.C.U.)  My accident resulted in both legs broken, 3 fractured ribs, a broken shoulder, multiple skull fractures and the loss of hearing in 1 ear as well of the loss of my senses of smell and taste.

Yet, I was lucky.  Not only was I still alive, but TenderCare sent 2 caregivers to help out. They performed their duties far beyond my expectations. Not only did I respect their professional knowledge and practice of medically-related care, but I also appreciated their cooking, cleaning, transportation and so many other things I never would have expected. In addition, when I really just needed someone to talk to, having them there was truly a blessing. They even made the effort (and succeeded) in getting to know my kids and others closest to me.

If I'm ever so in need of such home care again (please God, no!), I won't hesitate to call upon, or recommend to others, TenderCare.  S.B., Orlando, FL


My family and I would like to thank you and all the TenderCare staff for the care given to our mother. Her compassionate, professional caregivers made this trying time easier for her and for us. Her caregivers quickly identified Mom's wants and needs and never stopped trying to make her comfortable. They also extended their loving care to us, Mom's family, and helped us cope with Mom's passing. We appreciate them very much! L.G., Orlando, FL


I want you to know that your caregiver has been a true blessing in my mom's life. She is so loving with her and has really made a positive difference in her life.  S.L., Maitland, FL